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Meals for a loved up lockdown

By Rothery Sullivan

Rothery Sullivan looks at how students in any relationship status can enjoy a foodie Valentine’s under current restrictions.

A topic you may have been pondering on for the past few weeks, single or taken, is the topic of spending Valentine’s Day in lockdown! If you’re single, this holiday may seem like one of the easiest ones to spend alone, locked in your flat with a pint of ice cream and your laptop with the tab open on Netflix; however, if you’re taken, you may be searching for some ideas to make this romantic evening special despite the circumstances. Regardless of your relationship status, you may be concerned that you will be unable to enjoy Cupid’s special holiday due to the lack of clubs, bars and restaurants. I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite parts of Valentine’s day is the discounted gourmet deals and delicious sweet treats. You may be worried that your typical Valentine’s day indulgences will be unable to happen this year. Well, worry no longer! I’ve put together a list of foods and drinks to make your evening perfect, whether you’re single or taken, broke or swimming in cash. 

Single and on a budget

My favorite cheap drink is vodka cranberry juice, especially when drinking alone or with friends (as vodka is typically a safe bet, avoiding the emotional breakdowns that wine or tequila may bring). If you feel like drinking, this is the drink I recommend. As for your meal, rather than spending five quid on a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and calling it an evening, I recommend something a little more exciting that will still keep your expenses small. Some cheap comfort foods I recommend are mac and cheese, a roast chicken meal (vegan or not, Quorn has some great chicken-substitutes) or a delicious stir fry, all of which you could make for under a fiver.

As for dessert, I advise to indulge in whatever treat you want! A simple lava mug cake will satisfy your chocolate craving, while a bowl of your favorite ice cream may be exactly what you need. Although it may be on the more expensive side, I enjoy dipping some fresh raspberries in dark, melted chocolate. 

Single but rolling in dough

If you have the extra cash to spend this Valentine’s day, I say you spend it, because there’s not much else you can luxuriate in these days. If you’re feeling like a good takeaway, I advise finding somewhere lowkey that will be less busy; for pizza, I recommend Mozza, for Chinese food I recommend The Little Canteen, for burgers and fries I recommend BRGR (which has delicious vegan options). Finally for Italian cuisine, I highly recommend Amore, whether you be in the mood for pizza, pasta, or an Italian dessert. If you’re thinking of cooking for yourself, you may have an idea already in mind, so I suggest that if you have been craving a recipe for months now, go ahead and make it! 

For dessert, Loop and Scoop has delicious ice cream and churros, although I suspect they will be quite busy on the most romantic night of the year.  If you’re feeling up for ice cream or gelato, Flavas is typically not too busy and has great quality food, and if you’re feeling like you want something chocolatey, Zizzi (in the West End) have an amazing chocolate melt, and their Golden Millionaire’s Slice is also out of this world. Whatever dessert you end up getting, I hope you enjoy every delicious bite!

Couple on a budget

If you’re looking for the best Valentine’s Day meal on a budget, I have the perfect answer for you: lasagne. This meal is ideal because it can be made to fit almost all dietary restrictions, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or dairy free. Not only is this a delicious meal, but you can enjoy making it with your significant other and then enjoy some quality time while it is baking in the oven. There will be little clean up, little stress with the cooking and a delicious, cheap dinner that is bound to have lots of leftovers. 

For dessert, I recommend a classic romantic treat: fondue. Although some fruits (such as berries) are on the pricier side, you could probably purchase an array of items (strawberries, bananas, oranges, apples and marshmallows) for quite cheap. 

Couple with some cash to spend

If you have the money, you could always enjoy a good take-away from your favorite spot! Even better, you could each order your favorite meal from your favorite restaurant and share, which would allow you to both be eating the same thing, which studies have shown establishes a closer connection. If you’re looking to cook together, now is also the perfect opportunity to cook your partner’s favorite meal that would normally be too expensive or too difficult to make. Not only would it be a super romantic gesture, but you will also have the excuse to enjoy a delicious meal. 

As for an expensive dessert treat, one of my favorite places in Glasgow is Eusebi Deli, who are currently offering collection every day throughout Valentine’s Day weekend; they are offering a “Strawberry Tart for Two” for the ripe price of £15.00. Oh Sugar, also based in Glasgow (can be found on instagram under the undername @ohsugar.glasgow) is also offering a Valentine’s Day Treat box full of delicious items for only £13.00. Not only would you enjoy a delicious dessert from either of these places, but you would also be able to support a local Glasgow business! 

Whatever you decide to eat this Valentine’s Day, I hope you are able to enjoy the evening, either by yourself or with your loved one. 


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