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SRC release joint statement with unions following reports of spiking around Glasgow

By Lucy Dunn

CW: gender-based violence

Together, the SRC, GUU, QMU and GUSA urge students to “step up” following disturbing accounts of gender-based violence.

Yesterday evening, the SRC circulated a statement on both email and their social media platforms after the increasing number of reports of harassment and spiking. Written jointly with the unions – Glasgow University Union (GUU), Queen Margaret Union (QMU), and Glasgow University Sports Association (GUSA) – the statement stated the practical measures that are to be taken on campus to prevent further incidences occurring.

Measures include the “exercising and advocating [of] a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of harassment, abuse, and violence”. Continuing, the unions wrote: “Meanwhile both Unions [GUU and QMU] will be exercising tighter security and increased surveillance in their venues.”

With regards to reporting instances of harassment or spiking, the statement advocated for use of the SafeZone app to contact campus security, who “will come immediately”. Failing this option, the unions cited the importance of contacting emergency services.

Allegations of spiking occurring in nightclubs across Glasgow have not left GUU’s Hive untouched. The statement continued: “If you are anxious that you or someone else has been spiked on a night out, try and get to a safe place and seek medical attention. If you are in either one of the Unions, speak to a member of staff, or ask to speak to a member of the duty board who are trained to help.”

The statement reiterated the option students have for using their student cards to take taxis home, saying: “If you or someone you know needs help getting home but have no money or phone, you can use your student card as a deposit to get a taxi with Glasgow Taxis and then pay at a later date at the University Gatehouse.”

Links to the SRC Advice Centre’s page to report bullying and harassment, its page of Sexual Violence Support resources, and its workshop series on Sexual Violence can be accessed by clicking these links.


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