21st October 2021 - The Glasgow Guardian

The perils of poaching: is it eliminating the ecosystem?

21st October 2021

Whether for paychecks, power, or pleasure, poaching has serious implications for us all. What kind of person enjoys hunting, killing, and capturing wild animals for fun, for money, or for sport? It wouldn’t be me. Yet, for some reason, poaching persists as a pertinent problem, worldwide. Thousands of species of animals – from elephants and ...

10 essential films you need to watch this Halloween!

21st October 2021

Tomek guides us through a commanding mix of movies that provide the slash and the silliness, guaranteed to provide you with the best spooky vibes for Halloween 2021.  Scary Movie 1 & 2 (Keenan Ivory Wayans 2000, 2001) NETFLIX I am kinda cheating here, forgive me. If you can cope with a little bit of ...

SRC release joint statement with unions following reports of spiking around Glasgow

21st October 2021

CW: gender-based violence Together, the SRC, GUU, QMU and GUSA urge students to “step up” following disturbing accounts of gender-based violence. Yesterday evening, the SRC circulated a statement on both email and their social media platforms after the increasing number of reports of harassment and spiking. Written jointly with the unions – Glasgow University Union ...