: Motorway in Glasgow city centre with lazer pathways lit up along the road, under street signs labelling locations in Glasgow. In the background is the Hilton and Marriott hotels.
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Homeless students housed in hotels

By Luke Chafer and Odhrán Gallagher

The University has confirmed that they are “temporarily” housing students in hotels, as the accommodation crisis continues. Currently, 30 students are being housed in hotels until at least the end of the month.

The news comes amidst a series of accommodation issues this year seeing students housed in Stirling, letf in limbo with the removal of the accommodation guarantee and others told to defer.

The Glasgow Guardian has seen meeting minutes which show that only on 1 August, just six weeks away from the semester starting, did meetings by the Senior Management Group on student admissions acknowledge the accommodation situation: “SMG heard of major challenges on accommodation both in relation to University residences and city-wide.” These minutes also show that the issue is largely with postgraduate taught programs: “Despite securing extra nominations there are still major challenges with offering accommodation to all new PGT students, given the forecast numbers.”

On the ongoing situation, a University of Glasgow spokesperson said:  “We have taken a number of rooms in hotels on a temporary basis till the end of the month to help students who are struggling to find residential accommodation. About 30 hotel beds are currently being used. We continue to advise students not to travel to Glasgow unless they have prearranged accommodation. 

“We understand the concern students have about finding accommodation for the new semester, and we are taking a number of actions to support our students and ensure continuity of learning wherever possible. In some cases, our advice may include pausing studies for this academic year while ensuring students continue to have access to University systems and services. Comprehensive advice is available from students’ advisers of study and the Students’ Representative Council Advice Centre.” 


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