GUU and SWAG host a two-day vigil in solidarity with the ‘Girls Night In’ campaign

30th October 2021

CW: gender-based violence Participants were welcomed to Hive to reflect and leave messages of support in light of the increase in cases of drink spiking across the UK. A vigil took place at HIVE between 10am and 7pm on 28 and 29 of October in support of the recent “Girls Night In” club boycott campaign ...

SRC ‘Fearless Flat Hunting’ campaign in full swing

18th April 2021

The SRC’s annual campaign for finding flats is back. The “Fearless Flat Hunting” campaign by the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) is back and coming in full swing just as the academic year comes to an end. As part of the annual campaign to help those new to renting in Glasgow, this year’s top tips article ...

Campaign launched to protect the Tobacco Merchant’s House

9th November 2020

The Scottish Civic Trust’s “Written in Stone” campaign is looking to establish a capital fund to cover the cost of future repair work and preserve the historic building. The Scottish Civic Trust has announced a new campaign to protect Glasgow’s Tobacco Merchants House. The “Written in Stone” campaign was launched on 12 October 2020 and ...