University offering on-campus graduation photography

29th May 2021

Graduates outside the country can order a graduation gown and hood for celebration at home. The University of Glasgow has announced it will be offering on-campus graduation photography for students who are finishing their degree this summer. While graduations are officially cancelled this year, under current restrictions the University can offer graduating students the opportunity ...

Safety fears as students call to ‘end rape culture’ on campus

8th May 2021

The SRC and rector candidates strive to address institutional issues as 91% of students feel the University could do more. Content warning: sexual assault, rape, gender-based violence Student safety on campus should be one of the University of Glasgow’s top priorities. Yet, as revealed in a recent survey of 126 students by The Glasgow Guardian, ...

Who’s the real threat to freedom of speech on campus?

7th April 2021

Is it possible that government attempts to regulate free speech on campuses could be worse than the apparent ‘cancel culture’ they decry? Last month, the UK government embarked on their latest crusade as the white knights of academic freedom. To address what is being described as a “crisis of free speech” on university campuses, education ...