Flora Gosling

A gift guide for every sort of friend

8th January 2022

Lacking inspiration after Christmas? Unsure what your Film Studies friend even likes? Here’s the perfect gift guide for you.  Gift-giving can be both gleeful and exhausting at the same time. You’ve got to find something they want, something they will actually use, and something they haven’t been given a million times before (looking at you, ...

Auckland Reviewed

28th December 2021

Is Auckland the cultural hub of New Zealand, or a boring warehouse? Flora Gosling describes her experience. If you ever travel to New Zealand/Aotearoa, odds are the first place you’ll go is Auckland. It’s the largest city in the country, with nearly a third of the population of the country living there, and so you ...

RuPaul’s Trauma Race

29th November 2021

Flora Gosling critiques RuPaul’s Drag Race sensationalisation of queer trauma. RuPaul’s Drag Race is, above all else, unavoidable. It has become a part of our weekly Thursday to spend our evenings complaining bitterly about the judging, the tasks, the runways, and everything else about the Drag Race formula, only to be back next week to ...