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A sociological exploration of the library

21st February 2023

Leah dissects her personal relationship with Glasgow’s libraries, and debates their future. Originally serving as archives, libraries have functioned as a record of humanity throughout history. Evolving from the legendary likes of the library of Alexandria to the modernist Beinecke at Yale University known as a “jewel box”, libraries have always been symbolic of knowledge ...

University library removes students’ outstanding fees

14th February 2023

The library has abolished more than £11,000 in late fees, and will no longer fine students for most overdue books. The University of Glasgow Library has cleared £11,450.01 in previous overdue library balances from 2,906 students to mitigate the cost-of-living crisis for students.   In addition to abolishing late fees for students, the library will no ...

FAKE NEWS ALERT: Covid-19 leaflets spreading false information invade campus

30th September 2020

The Glasgow Guardian can report leaflets of misinformation were being handed out to students on library hill on 29 September. Leaflets with misinformation regarding Covid-19 have been handed out on campus, The Glasgow Guardian can report. The leaflets, which The Glasgow Guardian has obtained a digital copy of, contains false information about the ongoing pandemic ...