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David Cameron is still the worst prime minister of the 21st Century

20th November 2022

Culture Editor Jeevan Farthing argues that David Cameron’s policies are ultimately responsible for the failings of more recent prime ministers. David Cameron is the worst prime minister of the 21st Century. He did a runner after his big Brexit gamble because he was too scared to face the consequences, leaving it to a trio of ...

Lecture erupts into applause after Truss resignation

21st October 2022

A first-year Politics lecture went up in applause yesterday after news came through that Liz Truss has resigned as Prime Minister. At approximately 1:30 pm yesterday, 20 October, a Politics 1A lecture was ongoing in the Wellington Church when the news broke. After severe pressure from her party to go, the Prime Minister made a ...

What the new Liz Truss administration means for students

14th October 2022

Writer Freya Corcoran examines what the consequences of Liz Truss’ government will be for students. There was a time in her political career when the UK’s new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, may have appealed more to the nation’s masses. Her history of pro-EU sentiments, state education and previous involvement with the Liberal Democrats, all lead ...