Money or morality?

1st April 2021

BREAKING! Glasgow Uni student says she’ll never write for “rags” like the Daily Mail. “Never mind Brexit, who won Legs-it?” is just one of the many ridiculous Daily Mail headlines from the last decade that is seared into my brain. Thing is, I am on my third attempt at writing this article. It keeps coming ...

New report details Glasgow students’ financial issues during pandemic

28th March 2021

Findings cover a range of issues faced by students, including rent and financial support. According to the findings of a new online survey, 88% of Glasgow students feel the pandemic has impacted their ability to work alongside their studies, while only 19% have received financial support through the government’s furlough scheme. These are both significantly ...

Money (and male privilege) talks at uni

8th October 2020

In light of the recent scandal at Durham University, Samyukta Vidyashankar argues universities don’t do enough to punish “lad culture” in elite male students. Durham University, a prominent British institution, is currently facing backlash from the “group chat scandal,” which revealed a series of misogynistic and sexist comments believed to have been made by a ...