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SWG3 and UofG reveal new public art mural from graffiti artist Peeta

17th November 2021

Italian artist Peeta won an international competition supported by SWG3 and had his piece revealed and displayed at the James McCone Smith Learning Hub. The University of Glasgow this week unveiled their new stunning mural in the James McCune Smith Learning Hub.  The futuristic artwork, designed by Italian artist Peeta, was the result of an ...

11% of Glasgow residents have had sex in public

15th September 2020

Glasgow’s public sex life ranks 15th in the UK. New data has revealed that 11% of Glaswegians have had sex in public. The survey by, a greetings card marketplace for independent makers, reports the most promiscuous UK cities and states 15% of Britons have engaged in public sex. The survey was completed in July ...