young people

Forgive and forget: the fallout of young celebs making headlines

28th November 2020

With cancel culture rife in today’s society, Grace Graham Taylor argues we should be kinder towards young public figures when they make “fatal” faux-pas. On 5 September, two 18 and 19-year-old football players broke the rules of quarantine by inviting two young women back to their hotel room. A few weeks later, 172 students contracted ...

Editorial: still on the side of the students

8th October 2020

In their second editorial, Editors-in-Chief Holly and Jordan would like to remind students that The Glasgow Guardian always has been, and will be, on the side of the students. In our applications for Editor-in-Chief, we were asked why we believed student journalism is important. For both of us, it came down to something simple: to ...

“Don’t kill your gran” says the government, killing everyone

22nd September 2020

The second coronavirus wave isn’t the fault of young people over everyone else. Coronavirus cases are rising, and in several European countries the dreaded second wave is already becoming more of a reality. In the first week of September, people aged 15 to 24 accounted for around 30% of new positive tests in Scotland, with ...