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So you've finished your exams, or dropped out and didn't do them, or whatever. Let's get down to business and enjoy the summer. We're going to publish one article a day, each day for the whole month of June, offering recommendations on how to make the most of it.

Day 1: Five cycling day trips by Dasha Miller

Day 2: TV that's almost as good as the Wire by Sean Anderson & Oliver Milne

Day 3: Go to the Edinburgh Film Festival (20th June – 1st July) by Sean Greenhorn

Day 4: Travel around Europe on the cheap by Olivia Vitazkova

Day 5: Try some cheap, amazing indie games by Harley Grant

Day 6: Go hillwalking near Glasgow by Ben Colburn

Day 7: Do a short summer course and learn something new by Shona McCombes

Day 8: Hunt for jobs! by Jessie Lawson

Day 9: Read up on the Recession - and how to end it by Euan McTear

Day 10: Check out the Glasgow School of Art degree show by Marcus Peabody

Day 11: It's time to give classical music a try by Calum Morrell

Day 12: Get on a boat, go see an island by Michael Comerford

Day 13: Five great music festivals, and five ways to enjoy them by Jean-Xavier Boucherat

Day 14: Let the Rain Come Down / Down, Down, Down by Lucy Hansen

Day 15: Visit a distillery: learn chemistry, get pished on the cheap by Ruaraidh MacIntyre

Day 16: Bake your way to bliss by Laura Stockwell

Day 17: Watch Europe crumble by Oliver Milne

Day 18: Venture to the biggest & best park in Glasgow by Alice Hockey

Day 19: Give real nightclubs a go by Simon Bryan

Day 20: Stay up all night, and at 4am ... by Shaun, Sean, Dasha & Oliver

Day 21: Brain Pickings summer reading list 2012 by Maria Popova

Day 22: Go for a ride on public transport by Tommy Gore

Day 23: Enjoy some Czech cinema by Sam Beaton

Day 24: Do something fun with the Arduino by Andrew Back

Day 25: Go to the Glasgow Jazz Festival (27th June – 1st July 2012) by Paul Towndrow

Day 26: Doon the watter: to the Ayrshire coast with ye! by Fraser Sutherland

Day 27: Have a real pint by Ellie Munro

Day 28: Take up the most rewarding of pastimes: photography by Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

Day 29: Try reading somewhere different by Amy Westwell

Day 30: Get curious with Radiolab by Sean Anderson

Homepage photo by Tommy Ga-Ken Wan.

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