Proposal to build student housing near Glasgow city centre submitted

23rd April 2021

The proposed building would have around 560 bedrooms and flats set up in a range of sizes. A student accommodation company has submitted a proposal to Glasgow City Council to build new student housing near the city centre. If approved, the proposed building would hold approximately 560 bedrooms and would place students within walking distance ...

Flat Nightmares: my ceiling fell in!

16th November 2020

The first instalment in our new series to inform students about various living crises and how to deal with them. At the end of July, the ceiling in the hallway of my top floor flat collapsed. It had been raining all day and the roof had flooded, tripping all the fire alarms and destroying a ...

Finding friends when your flatmates fall flat

15th October 2020

What do you do when your flatmates aren’t the fun-loving freshers you were hoping for? When I imagined starting university, I envisioned making great friends, partying a lot, going out without many consequences – the studying and academics seemed rather secondary to me. We’re fed a rhetoric throughout our school careers that university is the ...