GlasKnow falsely reports campus stabbing

24th October 2021

Sources have confirmed that the reported stabbing on GlasKnow is false. An anonymous GlasKnow 2.0 post exploded this week alleging that the University was not informing students about an alleged stabbing occurring on campus. This comes after students fearing personal safety with the raised concerns regarding spiking. The University has been criticised in the past ...

New national confessions page Unifessions UK launches

26th March 2021

The page involves over 20 uni confession pages across the UK, including GlasKnow. A new university online confessions page catered to students across the UK was launched in early March. The page, called Unifessions UK, invites students nationwide to share their uni-related confessions to a wider audience.  Among over 20 UK university confession pages that ...

GlasKnow and GlasHoe creators to launch new dating app

10th October 2020

┬áThe University confession pages have announced the launch of a collaboration with new student exclusive dating app Hoot launching in October that combines GlasHoe with Tinder. Two confession pages “GlasKnow 2.0”, formerly known as “GlasKnow”, and “GlasHoe” – used by the students of the University of Glasgow – have announced the launch of a collabor...