SWG3 and UofG reveal new public art mural from graffiti artist Peeta

17th November 2021

Italian artist Peeta won an international competition supported by SWG3 and had his piece revealed and displayed at the James McCone Smith Learning Hub. The University of Glasgow this week unveiled their new stunning mural in the James McCune Smith Learning Hub.  The futuristic artwork, designed by Italian artist Peeta, was the result of an ...

Review: Bad Boy Chiller Crew @ SWG3

20th October 2021

The Yorkshire hip-hop trio show how to electrify a crowd while shaking off the “self-indulgent wankery” of yesteryear’s rock stars. It’s cold and dark on the Clyde, but punters don’t seem put off. A frenetic, nervous energy moves through the queue snaking parallel to the river,  hidden away from the water by the walled train ...

Review: Squid @ SWG3

12th October 2021

The Brighton five-piece electrify SWG3 with their uniquely angular brand of post-punk guitar rock. A sea of mullets and skinheads greeted the triumphant Squid as they played their first Scottish date since the release of their debut full-length album, Bright Green Field. Their debut dropped earlier this year via Warp Records, shooting the band to ...