19th November 2011 - The Glasgow Guardian

20 Years of Filth and Fury… Nice ‘N’ Sleazy’s third decade

19th November 2011

Jean-Xavier Boucherat Nice ‘N’ Sleazy is twenty years old. It might be a terrible thing to say, but it is interesting to speculate on what alternative future might of unfolded had the venue been consumed by last February’s freak inferno. I say this with a particular problem in mind, one that Aidan Moffat of Arab ...

The elephant in the room

19th November 2011

Ian McIver Few institutions can boast as proud a debating pedigree as Glasgow University Union. In 1981, the GUU founded the World Universities Debating Championships, the WUDC, more popularly known as “Worlds”. Speakers trained in the GUU have gone on to win the tournament a record five times, tied only with the University of Sydney. ...