12th March 2012 - The Glasgow Guardian

A harsh place for asylum seekers

12th March 2012

Debbie White Destitution is a major issue affecting the asylum seekers of Glasgow; according to a report by the Joint Committee of Human Rights, the Government practises a ‘deliberate policy of destitution’, by forcing people into a state of complete poverty in order to persuade them to ‘voluntarily’ return to their country of origins. These ...

The Sun is out, the Ewoks have lost.

12th March 2012

Euan McTear Last month we discussed the dismissal of ‘Lad’s Mag’s from the QMU shop. Now shelves have been joined by a new villain. By the time this newspaper passes through your hands, you’ll have witnessed the birth of a new newspaper. I use the word “new” here, but I shouldn’t. It’d be like if ...