13th November 2012 - The Glasgow Guardian

Graeme Obree

13th November 2012

Dasha Miller The Flying Scotsman is certainly a fitting title for Scots cyclist Graeme Obree today. His life achievements extend beyond professional cycling into engineering, something few professional cyclists really engage in.  Professional cyclists opt for a team of sports science specialists and the latest technologies that come out of the big bicycle manufacturers. Obree’s ...

Sounds of a rainbow nation

13th November 2012

Franziska Seitz When asked about different cultures across Europe, it is simple to name typical national dishes, music or customs for at least some countries. English breakfast, French chansons, German Lederhosen – it is quite easy. Even though each country is becoming more culturally diverse they don’t yet compare to the ethnic diversity of Africa‘s most ...

Amy’s choice

13th November 2012

Oliver Milne “Hey, I’m just going to start work but I’ll only be few hours so I’ll give you a call then.” This is the first voicemail I receive from Amy after being introduced through a mutual friend. In the vast majority of cases this innocuous message would be a simple courtesy to a student ...