10th December 2012 - The Glasgow Guardian

Review: A Young Doctor’s Notebook

10th December 2012

Connor Macgregor Judging by the press and promotion over the last few weeks, it seems I wasn’t the only person surprised to hear the announcement of this small mini-series. When you have two of the biggest stars of Film & Television of the last decade, starring in an adaptation of a well beloved Russian writer, ...

For the students, by the students?

10th December 2012

Chris Sibbald Two announcements of note caught my attention this month. Firstly, the news that Glasgow University Union (GUU) is receiving £7m for a new extension development. Secondly, this newspaper’s revelation that the Queen Margaret Union (QMU) has been, and continues to be, experiencing poor financial results. The differing trajectories of the two student unions ...

Russell Group Universities propose an increase to their government funding

10th December 2012

Jeanine Raw The ‘Jewels in the Crown’ report, led by the Russell Group, suggests that its universities need concentrated funding if they will be able to continue to stand out as contributors to the global education market. The report by the country’s leading universities suggests that competitors to the UK’s higher education are increasing the ...