15th February 2013 - The Glasgow Guardian

Spotify: the fast food of the music industry

15th February 2013

Craig Angus This September I got Spotify for the first time. My flatmate had been using it since 2008, and I’d always resisted – initially because of a stubborn dedication to a CD walkman, then because of an iTunes library that to me, rendered the music streaming service pointless. Recommendations? I could get them from ...

Club profile: Karate Club

15th February 2013

Hannah Gower The Karate Club is a traditional shotokan style club that welcomes members of any grade or style, whether you are a newbie white belt or the master of a black belt. Senior grades help to take Saturday training and the middle grades assist, fostering a cohesive club spirit. Weekday training is under the ...

Istanbul in 48 hours

15th February 2013

Oliver Milne Istanbul is a city where history walks the street with you. When I arrived Sabiha Gökçen Airport and began the bus journey to the centre of the city I was struck by its rich historical texture. As the bus pulled past suburban malls and the multi storey offices of multinational companies a strange ...