15th November 2013 - The Glasgow Guardian

A question of sport

15th November 2013

Gina Mete & Claire Diamond Glasgow University Sports Association is preparing to take on the University over the number of classes students have on Wednesday afternoons. Some departments are known to have scheduled compulsory classes on Wednesday afternoon, in breach of the University Senate policy of keeping the afternoon free for sports. The extent of the ...

The real losers of Glasgow 2014

15th November 2013

Clare Saltiel This summer Glasgow will hold the largest sporting event ever to take place in Scotland. In the run up to the Games, with masses of funding pouring in to prepare the city, new infrastructures being build and existing sports sites re-vamped and exciting jobs offered to students this summer, Glasgow is an exciting ...

Get a 2:1? You betcha!

15th November 2013

 Rosannah Jones Today it is no secret that a university education comes at a significant cost for most people across the UK. The cost of living, accommodation and all the social fun that defines the student experience is an expensive lifestyle to maintain. Most people would go to their overdraft, their parents or a job for ...