19th November 2013 - The Glasgow Guardian

Boats, trains and no automobiles: Part II

19th November 2013

Jocelyn Spottiswoode By now you’ve been in Glasgow for a few weeks, and if you’re needing a break from hectic city life here are three amazing places to get to using public transport. This is the second installment of my three part series highlighting the coolest places around. Pollok Country Park Getting there: Although you ...

Overcrowding on campus

19th November 2013

 Jason Dashti & Euan McTear A 6% increase in the number of students on campus from last September has seen the student population at Glasgow University rise from 16,045 to 17,018, causing problems such as overcrowding in lectures and the library. Despite predictions that increased tuition fees may lead to a decrease in student intake, the ...

These are a few of my favourite things

19th November 2013

Hannah Campbell I admit it: I love musicals. And I would scream it from the rooftops. I just think they are marvellous and uplifting. But I really understand some people’s aversion to musicals. It may seem silly to see people singing and dancing in the rain for seemingly no reason at all. But what’s so ...