21st November 2013 - The Glasgow Guardian

Review: Blue Jasmine

21st November 2013

Imants Latkovskis Woody Allen is not one to compromise on style. Indeed, that’s probably the reason why you either love him or hate him. All of his films even start off the same: white Windsor font over black, inoffensive jazz music, cast (in order of appearance) and then … go! His new film, ‘Blue Jasmine’, ...

Senate set to shrink

21st November 2013

Amy McKinnon Proposals are being considered which could see the Senate, the University’s academic decision making body, condensed into a ‘Senate Council’ almost one fifth of its present size. The Senate currently has over 500 members and includes all University professors, some members of the Senior Management Group and a number of elected members of ...

Effective altruism

21st November 2013

Bradley Ford The overwhelming majority of us have donated money to charity at some point in our lives. A considerable number of us give regularly to charitable causes – or at least we intend to once we have left university and ensconced ourselves in a steady job with, we hope, a reasonable income. Indeed, over ...