22nd November 2013 - The Glasgow Guardian

Police closures

22nd November 2013

 Zandi Coles Police stations in Glasgow’s West End are set to move from 24-hour to 12-hour days as part of an attempt by Police Scotland to cut costs. Police Scotland has decided to reduce opening hours and close police counters across the country, with 65 of Scotland’s 215 stations to stop offering police counter provision. ...

GUU paralysis

22nd November 2013

Ferdinand Goetzen The Glasgow University Union, one of the oldest student unions in the UK, has for decades stood strongly at the centre of university life. It has been a place of entertainment, academic prestige and buzzing social events all in equal measure. Since its founding in 1885, the GUU has played an important part ...

The loneliest role in football

22nd November 2013

Jack Haugh An icy breath of air escapes the gritted teeth of a solitary figure resting at the centre circle.  As friendly banter and eager chatter swarms around the beaten up pitch, players from opposing teams race through their warm ups whilst a small crowd, made up of angry coaches, pushy mums and bouncing dogs, ...