23rd November 2013 - The Glasgow Guardian

The presidential line

23rd November 2013

Beatrice Cook With over 15,000 members, and 2,000 students using the gym daily, it’s no surprise that with the role of being President of the Glasgow University Sports Association comes great power and pressure. The recent closure of the Kelvinhall sports complex has undoubtedly caused problems for the association, but Law, during the recent Glasgow ...

One bike stolen per day

23rd November 2013

 Alastair Thomas Swatland 349 bikes have been stolen in Glasgow’s West End in the last year, amounting to as much as £250,000 of stolen property, causing a real problem for Glasgow University students who use bikes as their means of getting around. Witnesses claim that the thefts have been carried out by organised groups who ...

Open to op(era)tions

23rd November 2013

Rixta Sievers Opera. Take a long look at that word and tell me what springs to mind. This is a task I have asked of a number of my friends, and, based on their answers, I have to conclude that my generation just isn’t very keen on this particular artform. They might like music, films, ...