21st February 2014 - The Glasgow Guardian

QM halls management unresponsive

21st February 2014

Euan McTear Students have reported several problems in University halls, including cracked ceilings, broken heating, delayed installation of wireless routers and the fact that management have not been concerned with the problems that have arisen.The reports of problems come just a few months since House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) licences were initially rejected at Murano ...

Travels in Kurdistan

21st February 2014

Haymon Rahim Last summer I had the chance to visit the region of Northern Iraq known as Kurdistan. Arriving in my Dad’s hometown of Erbil, he and I made our rounds; exhaustively visiting various family members and friends as my stubbly, twenty-one year old cheeks were sufficiently tugged and my hair ritually ruffled. During this ...


21st February 2014

Tom Kelly Having come to Glasgow from the transport nightmare that is Belfast Northern Ireland, a Subway was something of a breath-takingly sophisticated novelty to me at first. While natives and Londoners joked about it’s circular nature I thought the subway system was something really rather impressive. Such thoughts seemed a lifetime away when I ...