4th May 2014 - The Glasgow Guardian

Come tae Glasgow bebé

4th May 2014

Belén Casañas One of the most frequent questions I get asked during the very British activity that is small-talk is: “why did you come to Glasgow?” To be perfectly honest, before applying, I had not heard much of the university or the city. Although I am now in love with both, sometimes I still sing ...

1 in 5 students witness sexism in lectures

4th May 2014

Euan McTear A survey by the Isabella Elder Feminist Society has revealed that one fifth of students have seen incidents of sexism in Glasgow University lecture halls, while incidents of sexism in tutorials has also been reported. The survey was completed by 316 people – one third of whom were male – and asked respondents ...

School of soft knocks

4th May 2014

Euan McTear I reckon University life could do with a bit of a mean streak. It’s great that most students come to Glasgow University and others across the country and leave with a degree, a pile of debt and (almost) no experience of abuse or of having their lunch money stolen. But it’s just all ...