25th October 2014 - The Glasgow Guardian

Interview: The Wedding Present

25th October 2014

Danny McPherson Since their emergence in the jangly heyday of mid-80s British indie, The Wedding Present have been through a vast array of changes, stylistically morphing through post-punk, indie, shoegaze, low-fi and just about any other guitar music fad of the past thirty years, all the while operating a King Crimsonesque revolving door policy with ...

Interview: The Travelling Band

25th October 2014

Roisin McCarthy The Travelling Band is a 5-piece group who are currently touring the UK. Their most recent album, The Big Defreeze, has been described as ‘the rawest thing they’ve put on record’ and is the first album released in over two years. Roisin McCarthy talked to band member Jo Dudderdige about the group’s influences, ...

Interview: Singer-Songwriter Nell Bryden

25th October 2014

Mina Green   Nell Bryden is a New York singer-songwriter who’s returning the UK once again to bring her particular brand of anthemic pop across the country. Coming from an artistic background – her parents are a painter and opera singer – Nell Bryden brings powerful vocal talent to a superhuman number of gigs. Having ...