13th March 2015 - The Glasgow Guardian

Jim Murphy’s office claim he has never done drugs (recording of Jim Murphy’s initial glue comment)

13th March 2015

Tom Kelly Jim Murphy’s office has claimed that the leader has never taken drugs, including glue, despite the Scottish Labour Leader having stated previously that he ‘could not remember’ if he had or not. Last night First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP, leader of the Scottish Labour Party Jim Murphy MP, leader of the Scottish Conservative ...

Chris Steven expelled from QMU Board over tweet complaints : Interview with Steven.

13th March 2015

Nathan Stilwell & Tom Kelly On Monday the Glasgow Guardian learned,  through a post Chris Steven made on the Queen Margaret Union Social Committee Facebook group, that Steven had left his role as convenor. Chris had recently lost the presidential election at the QMU, earning only 75 votes. Just two days before there had been ...