26th March 2015 - The Glasgow Guardian

Open letter from GU Mental Health to the SRC

26th March 2015

Dear President & Permanent Secretary, It has come to my attention that the SRC Mental Health Equality Officer has been removed from his position due to his university enrollment status. I would be most appreciative if you could confirm whether this is the case and, in addition, explain the circumstances in which this decision has ...

Review: Karnivool

26th March 2015

Kate Snowdon Production Manager “Yeah I’m through in Glasgow for Karnivool tonight!” “Shit man, I totally forget! I’ll try get a ticket..” “Sold out, gutted for you man.” “Well, I’ll just try contacting their PR just in case…” Walking into the O2 ABC feeling fairly jammy, I picked up my press pass and sauntered into ...

10 Minutes with: Future Garden

26th March 2015

Beatrice Cook Writer ‘From churches, caves and underground vaults, Future Garden goes where no others have stepped before…’ Such is the motto of Future Garden, a motley group brought together by a shared love of music, in their quest to bring you the best in house and disco of an evening. From their beginnings at ...