22nd April 2015 - The Glasgow Guardian

Interview with Alex Salmond

22nd April 2015

Fraser McGowan & Alastair Thomas Deputy News Editors After delivering his lecture in the Bute Hall to an assembled audience of staff, students and alumni, Mr Salmond spoke to student media about the upcoming general election, independence and the European Union. Glasgow Guardian: Why does the SNP want to help facilitate stable government, by supporting ...

Alex Salmond visits University to receive honorary degree

22nd April 2015

  Marikki Nykanen Writer On Tuesday 21 April, former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond received an honorary doctorate from the University of Glasgow. Addressing an audience in Bute Hall, Salmond spoke about the right balance between morality and self-interest. Salmond, who studied economics and medieval history at St. Andrews University, claimed that Adam Smith’s ...