20th October 2015 - The Glasgow Guardian

Senate brands controversial HE Governance Bill a threat to ‘institutional autonomy’

20th October 2015

Andrew McIntyre Writer The government’s proposed Higher Education Governance Bill has drawn fresh criticism from the University of Glasgow’s Council of Senate, who have at last released an official response to the legislation. Although the council supported proposals that aim to improve the agility of senate decisions, the response claims that giving such administrative powers to ...

Review: Pretty Vicious, King Tuts, 28th September

20th October 2015

Adam Taylor Writer Walking into the legendary King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, as always, I admire the famous staircase, each step displaying huge acts that have graced the small stage. King Tut’s is a brilliant venue for showcasing up-and-coming artists, and Pretty Vicious fit right in. The band have been making steady progress in the ...

Maintaining a relationship at uni might be difficult but it is doable

20th October 2015

Zoe MacNoughton Writer   Recently, The Guardian newspaper published a comment article verbally banning freshers from starting university in a relationship with the warning ‘don’t even think about it’. The piece champions the benefits of a uni career spent single and, above all else, ready to mingle. In fact, the entire argument seems to be centred ...