30th October 2015 - The Glasgow Guardian

‘Clicktivism’ is not replacing traditional activism, it’s supplementing it

30th October 2015

Jodi Pearce Writer ‘Clicktivism’ is the name given to the newest form of activism, conducted largely through social media as a platform for change. Online campaigns and petitions are launched on sites such as change.org and 38 Degrees, often attracting thousands of supporters overnight. Clicktivism, however, has recently come under fire, with activist Micah White ...

Review: Macbeth

30th October 2015

Tess Milligan Writer Macbeth, the time-honoured favourite production, has been adapted once again but this time, in full Hollywood style. The movie immediately set the tone as the play would, mid-battle, with all of the grand scale that a scene like that would naturally entail in a film but would struggle to be realised within ...