10th November 2015 - The Glasgow Guardian

Should we really listen to Jennifer Lawrence over the gender pay gap?

10th November 2015

Rachel Walker Writer   In 2014, the pay gap between men and women stood at 19.1% in modern Britain; in the USA, the gap rose to 21%. According to the Global Gender Gap Index issued by the World Economic Forum, not one country has full equality between the genders and, at the current rate of ...

Speaking out against inappropriate behaviour is as important as ever

10th November 2015

Hannah Webster Columnist It is incredibly easy to accept things for the way they are. This can apply to anything in life, from slipping grades (a 2:1 is becoming all the more appealing these days as the pipe dream of a first fades into the distance) to the comfort of a relationship with stability but ...

Review: The Choir, Citizens Theatre

10th November 2015

Adam Barr and Leo Brown Writers On walking into the foyer of the Citizen’s Theatre, it was difficult to know quite what to expect from Dominic Hill’s production of The Choir. Evidently, the show would be about bringing people together through song, but would it all end up feeling like an episode of Glee set ...