9th March 2016 - The Glasgow Guardian

Theatre review: Girls Like That

9th March 2016

Kaisa Saarinen Writer (29 Feb & 1 March, Stereo) The STAG production of Evan Placey’s ‘Girls Like That’ explores the hierarchy of a tightly-knit girls’ school community, and charms the audience with its dynamic all-female cast. The play follows a group of girls who grow up aware of their place in the social pecking order. The central ...

Letter to the editors: what exactly are students in Murano Street paying £440 a month for?

9th March 2016

Dear Sirs, In the issue dated 21st November 2001 this paper ran the headline ‘Outrage at halls sell-out’. The outraged concerned the now-enacted plans to strike a 32-year deal to sell off student halls to a private company, Glasgow Student Village. The story this paper ran detailed how the SRC had been frozen out from all discussions ...

Brexit and the BBC

9th March 2016

Rowan Harris Writer For all The Andrew Marr Show’s professed objectivism, this Sunday’s show was an ignominious attempt at self-aggrandisement. In an interview with Boris Johnson which illuminated not the complexities of the EU referendum debate in its currently bewildering state but rather the obsolescence of his own show, Marr served to further obfuscate the ...