19th September 2016 - The Glasgow Guardian

Kelvin Hall re-opens to the public

19th September 2016

Katy Scott News Editor The Kelvin Hall is now open to the public following completion of the first stage of its £35million makeover project. The Kelvin Hall renovation is part of the University of Glasgow’s £1billion campus development plan. Research and teaching labs, seminar rooms, postgraduate study spaces, a conservation studio and a conference suite ...

Fresher’s guide to lunch

19th September 2016

Kyle Gunn Deputy Culture Editor (Food & Drink) There’s no shortage of places around uni to get a decent lunch. If you don’t have the time, the inclination, or (god forbid) the skill to make yourself a ham sandwich and wrap it in clingfilm, there are a handful of options right here on campus. The ...

Labour are students’ only hope at Westminster

19th September 2016

Nelson Cummins Writer At the beginning of August, a YouGov poll showed the Conservative Party’s popularity to be on the rise. Despite the clear divisions across the UK, highlighted by the EU referendum, the Conservatives opened up a 14 point lead over the Labour Party. Labour enjoys a higher amount of support and membership from ...