2nd February 2017 - The Glasgow Guardian

Rectorial election: SRC president cannot ‘have his cake and eat it’ on student engagement, says former SRC president

2nd February 2017

Criticism of student leadership after failure to nominate a candidate to replace Edward Snowden as rector of the University. Fraser McGowan Contributing Editor A former president of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) has questioned the ability of the organisation to nominate a suitable candidate for rector of Glasgow University, after it emerged that the there ...

University bosses criticised for expense claims

2nd February 2017

Credit: Caroline C Evans Abbott Katy Scott News Editor Vice chancellor of the University of Glasgow, Anton Muscatelli, has been criticised for claiming expenses totaling £7,370 last year, despite reportedly earning £322,000. The expenses claimed by the vice chancellor include £2 for a bottle of water and £1,127 for five nights spent at the Ritz-Carlton ...

GU medics can opt out of bad news role-play

2nd February 2017

Credit: Caroline C Evans Abbott Osama Abou-zeid Writer Undergraduate medical students at the University of Glasgow are being allowed to opt out of role-play sessions designed to teach them how to deliver bad news to patients. A verbal warning is given at the start of these sessions, known as “Communication Skills Breaking Bad News/Bereavement”, directing ...