24th March 2017 - The Glasgow Guardian

LIGO co-founder and Glasgow alumni Professor Ronald Drever dies

24th March 2017

Andrew McCluskey Reporter Ronald Drever, a Scottish physicist who is credited with carrying out key experimental work in the detection of gravitational waves, recently passed away in Edinburgh aged 85. Drever was born in Glasgow in 1931, and studied for his bachelor’s degree in pure science at Glasgow University. In 1959, he published his PhD ...

Widespread sexual harassment claims in UK Universities

24th March 2017

Charlotte Walker Writer According to an investigation by the Guardian, the number of reported sexual harassment incidents in UK universities are on the rise, but are considered to only represent the tip of the iceberg. Following Freedom of Information (FOI) requests sent to over 100 UK universities, the investigation found that students made 169 allegations ...

CERN experts coming to Glasgow for CERN spring campus talks

24th March 2017

Andrew McCluskey Reporter At the beginning of April, a wide-ranging group of experts from CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire) will be visiting the University of Glasgow in order to hold their annual CERN Spring Campus event. The event is a collaboration between the School of Computing Science and CERN. The Spring Campus is ...