19th November 2017 - The Glasgow Guardian

Prophecy, Pollution, & Pretention: A Review of Mother!

19th November 2017

Adam Nicholson Deputy Culture Editor – Film My nature, being a trifle romantic and tinged with a little pragmatism, meant that my encounter with a $30 million art film was inevitably going to be a curious one. Truly, I applaud the daring, but can’t help being conscious of the looming financial disaster that is trying ...

The quest for the best vegan burger

19th November 2017

Leora Mansoor Writer Leora Mansoor reviews Glasgow’s meat-free alternatives In a Glasgow Guardian article from earlier this year, Luke Shaw describes the hunt for the perfect burger as “the kind of task Sisyphus would be given nowadays as a philosophically astute punishment”. While an astute observation to make, lacking in his statement was any awareness ...