21st March 2018 - The Glasgow Guardian

Moby flick: whaling in the Faroe Islands

21st March 2018

Leora Mansoor Writer It is an interesting moment when you find yourself sympathizing with those you’ve always considered to be barbaric, callous and cruel. Mike Day’s debut documentary, The Islands and the Whales, is the kind that invites complex kinds of considerations though. His intimate portrayal of life on the isolated Faroe Islands, where hunting ...

One in five Scottish women suffer from period poverty

21st March 2018

Amy Shimmin Writer The #FreePeriodScotland study conducted by Women for Independence (WFI) has shown that one in five menstruating women in Scotland cannot afford sanitary products, such as sanitary towels or tampons. The consultation, which canvassed 1000 menstruating women on their experiences, concluded that nearly 20% face “period poverty”, a term used to denote financial ...