24th March 2018 - The Glasgow Guardian

Debauchery with a side of deceit?

24th March 2018

Aaron Gray Writer Glasgow’s O2 Academy once again hosts the UK’s fantastical travelling grime and garage night: Foreverland, as they traverse the UK on their Magical Circus tour. The night promised to be an effervescent and colourful party set to a soundtrack of classic UK garage. Although I do not yearn nostalgically for the late ...

Having an abortion at University

24th March 2018

Georgina Hayes and Savannah Stark Views Editor and Writer When we first found out about our University’s new anti-choice group, the “Glasgow University Protection of Unborn People Society” (now rebranded as “Glasgow Students For Life”), we were hoping to interview them in order to put faces to the nameless admins of the society and to ...