9th May 2018 - The Glasgow Guardian

Graduation fee petition gains over 1000 signatures in less than a day

9th May 2018

Katy Scott Editor A petition was launched this morning demanding that the University of Glasgow abolishes and refunds all graduation fees to those graduating in 2018. It has already surpassed its target of 1000 signatures in just one afternoon, with 1135 signatures at the time of writing. The petition was created by the Glasgow University ...

10 Writers Telling Lies: Aye Write!

9th May 2018

Jamie Riley Writer Song joins prose on stage at Aye Write! 2018 On 23 March, Ten Writers Telling Lies made its Aye Write! debut at the Mitchell Library. The project is a collaboration between songwriter Jim Byrne and a host of other writers across Glasgow. The premise is simple: Byrne joins with one of ten ...

White men can’t…attend some Labour conferences

9th May 2018

Jack Corban Writer Jack Corban argues that Labour’s ditched policy of excluding straight, white men from some conferences risks alienating potential supporters and working-class members It’s fantastic that Labour are holding events that specifically champion groups less represented in Parliament; there is a real move towards a fully representative government under the vision Labour is ...