22nd September 2018 - The Glasgow Guardian

Creative Conversations with Mark Millar

22nd September 2018

Niki Radman Photographer Mark Millar talks about representation, Netflix and his approach to writing at the inaugural Creative Conversations event At 5.30 pm on Tuesday, the crowd in Glasgow University Chapel seemed bigger and more male-dominated than it usually is. Might the latter be an indication that men are still more interested in comics than ...

Coming of age at GYFF 2018

22nd September 2018

Anna Rieser, Chris Dobson, Léo Cerosky, Manon Haag Writers Our team went along to Glasgow Youth Film Festival, a weekend long celebration of films about young people and curated by them. The Glasgow Youth Film Festival took place this weekend at the iconic Glasgow Film Theatre. It’s run by young people for young people; programmers ...