24th October 2018 - The Glasgow Guardian

“What’s a pumpkin’s favourite sport?”

24th October 2018

Seán Westwood Writer Squash demands resilience, technique and timing. Seán Westwood explains why the sport is more accessible than you might think There are few sporting venues more intense than a squash court. Whether playing at the foot of the Great Pyramids for the El Gouna International or in the middle of Grand Central Terminal ...

Katie Allan’s family to launch campaign for justice

24th October 2018

Georgina Hayes Editor-in-Chief Katie Allan was found dead after months of bullying, self harm and targeted strip searches at Polmont Prison On Thursday 25 October at 10am, the family of Katie Allan – a University of Glasgow student that died by suicide in Polmont Prison in June of this year – are to launch a ...

It’s the end of the world and we know it

24th October 2018

Inanna Tribukait Reporter Every year, 32% of our plastic trash lands in the ocean. That is almost 25 million tons of trash. It seems unnecessary to mention how quickly climate change is advancing and how many species are going extinct every year. According to Nasa, 17 of the 18 warmest years since the beginning of ...