1st February 2019 - The Glasgow Guardian

It’s time for R Kelly to face the music

1st February 2019

Kristian Borghoff Writer New documentary ‘Surviving R Kelly’ might finally be opening peoples eyes to the rappers abusive behaviour – but will it make a real difference in the music industry? The news cycle over the past few years has been dominated by scandal after scandal involving once-revered celebrities, and the age-old debate of art ...

We need to talk about Addy “Agame”

1st February 2019

Holly Jennings Writer The behaviour of this so-called pick up artist shows toxic masculinity is as big a problem as ever, yet is still being ignored  It’s difficult to tell what is real and what is fictional in the category of offensive behaviour from men this month. Around the same time as the release of ...

Record number of disadvantaged students attending Scottish universities

1st February 2019

Jasmine Urquhart Features Editor New figures show an increase in the number of poor students in the year 2017/18 Recent figures show that 15.6 percent of students at Scottish universities in 2017/18 were from the twenty most deprived areas in Scotland, the highest number on record. This is up from last year’s figure of 13.8 ...