27th February 2019 - The Glasgow Guardian

Gender variation should not be treated as a mental illness

27th February 2019

  Amy Rodgers Art Editor   Amy Rodgers discusses the pathologising harm of a “gender dysphoria” diagnosis In 1973, “homosexuality” was removed from the list of mental disorders in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders by the American Psychiatric Association, essentially uncoupling being gay from being crazy. Same-sex desire was no longer a ...

In conversation with Glasgow’s first LGBTQ+ bookshop

27th February 2019

  Amy Shimmin Writer Amy Shimmin talks community and representation with Glasgow’s own queer bookshop   Tucked away at the end of Allison Street is Glasgow’s own queer bookshop, Category Is Books. With quotes painted on its walls, books for all ages, and even a real-life Personals section, Category Is Books has quickly become a ...

A&E mental health care in crisis

27th February 2019

Laurie Clarke, Georgina Hayes & Jen Bowey Editors & Deputy Editor   Content Warning: This article contains references to self-harm, suicidal ideation and suicide attempts A Glasgow Guardian survey has revealed that 68.2% of students who visited A&E for a mental health-related issue felt that the treatment they received was not appropriate or adequate for ...