27th March 2019 - The Glasgow Guardian

The “Global Britain” myth

27th March 2019

Harry McNeill Writer The Glasgow Coordinator for ‘Our Future, Our Choice’ examines Britain’s trade prospects in a post-EU era Figures like Liam Fox, the British Secretary of State for Trade, regularly highlight reasons we should be leaving the EU through statements such as “90% of global economic growth will come from outside the EU”. At ...

“The Holocaust seems like some kind of punchline”

27th March 2019

  Inanna Tribukait Reporter   Inanna Tribukait discusses the rising wave of anti-Semitism and underrepresentation of Jewish culture in Europe 2017 saw the burning of Israeli flags in Berlin. Last February, Poland moved to criminalise talking about Polish complicity in the Holocaust. In December, dozens of tombstones in a Jewish cemetery were defaced with swastikas ...

The wage gap in sport is holding back female potential

27th March 2019

Dylan Tuck Culture Editor Dylan Tuck investigates why the wage gap between male and female athletes remains a prominent issue It’s 2019, and we’re still having to find the energy to address the ridiculousness of the difference in pay between men and women. While the issue, on the whole, seems both outdated and ludicrous, it’s ...