5th November 2019 - The Glasgow Guardian

Racism in football: enough is enough

5th November 2019

Jamie Byrne Writer The beautiful game: a phrase which represents a game that takes up so much of our time. If it’s either counting down the minutes until the referee’s whistle at 3 o’clock on a Saturday, or screaming at the television on a weekday night after conceding a 90th minute equaliser on FIFA – ...

Soothing anxieties with the stage

5th November 2019

Blair Cunningham Theatre Editor Anyone who has felt their heart rate increase, their mind race around disasters, or questioned their own value when faced with social interactions, knows the pain of social anxiety. Psychologist Philip Zimbardo found that over 90% of surveyed individuals had felt socially anxious to a significant degree at some point in ...

Life Skills 101: Universities should offer practical courses

5th November 2019

Florentina Tudose Writer Have you ever thought about the moment after graduating with a slight tinge of dread? Are you a little uncertain about how the “real world” actually works? If so, you’re definitely not alone. Universities eagerly welcome students with the hope that the next batch of graduates leaving through the gates are the ...