29th March 2020 - The Glasgow Guardian

Glasgow’s alternative galleries

29th March 2020

Leah Higgins Writer A tour of Glasgow’s lesser-known art spots. It may be standard for students to be pulled towards the major cultural institutions of Glasgow like Kelvingrove, as swanky, intimate galleries may oft seem too intimidating to be student friendly. However, with the recent push for more inclusive and diverse spaces open to the ...

When the social media tiger stopped coming to tea

29th March 2020

Holly Jennings Views Editor What happens when you detox from social media, for a little while. This week I decided to disconnect from the hive mind. No, not abandoning the cohort of union loyals who tank pints of fun at Hive every Thursday, but rather, I decided to disconnect from the constant stream of connection ...

Mental health and music: the LiveLive initiative

29th March 2020

Rachel Campbell Writer From Lewis Capaldi comes a new initiative to put anxious gig-goers at ease, using everything from gig buddies to safe spaces. Last year, as Scottish singer Lewis Capaldi announced his 2020 UK Tour, he also launched an initiative to make his shows more accessible to fans who suffer from anxiety.  The project, ...